Tele-Hospitalist Services


Our goal to provide the optimal quality of patient care through close collaboration with emergency rooms, specialists, nursing, case managers and local Primary care physicians.  This teamwork approach results in the highest reported satisfaction of the patients as well as the entire healthcare team.   Among the many benefits of adding our Telemedicine service is the ability to increase hospital revenue and profitability.

Hospital medicine programs face many daily challenges to achieve set goals and success.  These challenges include appropriate physician staffing to avoid burn out, hiring only quality physicians that provide compassionate care, and ensuring there is not any gaps in coverage.  Often these scheduling gaps lead to the use of ‘Locum” companies for urgent needs which can be significantly detrimental towards the budget.  An effective way to address physician shortages and provide continuous night hospital coverage is through the use of Frontline Telemedicine services.  We provide a secure telemedicine platform that allows a seamless implementation of tele-hospitalist services.  Our providers respond quickly allowing a smoother workflow in the emergency room and cross-coverage of floor patients.  The use of Telemedicine increases efficiency of the day and night hospital teams. Primary care physicians especially notice the benefit of this telemedicine coverage model by allowing more focus on their patients in the office with less interruptions.

Benefits of Telehealth Services

  • Improved patient care and satisfaction
  • Cost-effective without the use of locum companies
  • Increase admissions with a reduced need to transfer patients
  • Improvement in hospital quality metrics
  • Lower cost of care
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Floor Cross Coverage for increased focus on admissions
  • 24-hour provider coverage for rural hospitals
Patient using our tele-hospitalist services on a phone

Telemedicine Services

  • Telehospitalist coverage
  • Telenocturnist
  • Cross Coverage for added support of in house provider
  • Rapid Response
  • “Swing” Admissions